What can I learn right now in 10 minutes?

think no ordinary human can teach you that, so well let me take you to a world.

Wind blows…here we go…DARK WHISTLE…

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Winnie who was mothered by a nurse. Okay, not mothered. ‘Motivated’ is a better word.

Winnie’s dreams were powerful enough to propagate their waves from a distance as large as a light year, but his actions..uh oh..he miserably failed every exam he appeared in, just like the topper of your class cracks every exam he sets his foot in.

His life in the military school didn’t twinkle either.

One of his classmates, his clone on earth, ended up his life because there was no one to motivate him, and he didn’t use his own inner self to motivate himself, and so his self thought- why should I bother about him?

But our man kept going and neglecting the people on the path and what they had to say.

But, haha…who succeeds by speaking such quotes once in a while?

Our man failed again.

And he failed yet again…

No one succeeds by motivating themselves, once, twice…. TRUE

Everyone succeeds by motivating themselves throughout life. ALSO TRUE.

AND..OUR MAN…went on to become what we know him as- Winston Churchill.

Fine, but why was no article written for his friend who ended up himself?

Was he any less talented? NO.

Then why does no one remember him?

Because he didn’t remember himself, he didn’t remember his own self at the time he needed it the most.

But Winnie used himself before using others. He used himself for motivation and went on to become the dynamic personality, the way we remember him today.

Now, let’s come to the STRATEGY-


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